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Kreller Consulting

Consulting Process


#1 Analysis

Analysis of current contracts, usage reports and invoices is conducted internally at Kreller. This complimentary analysis allows Kreller to determine savings potential.
Benchmark Agreement

#2 Benchmark Agreement

Benchmark Agreement is approved by client and Kreller to define expenditures. The agreement is used to calculate savings once lower expenditures have been received by the client.
Fact Finding & Research

#3 Fact Finding & Research

Fact Finding & Research is conducted with contract administrators and primary users of services. This ensures all recommendations meet specific needs of end users.
Presentation of Recommendations

#4 Presentation of Recommendations

Presentation of Recommendations in which Kreller shares with client specific cost saving recommendations.

#5 Implementation

Implementation begins upon client choosing which recommendations to pursue.
What Our Clients Say…

The Kreller consultants were attentive and knowledgeable. They provided a clear path to significant savings and made a tangible difference to our budgets.


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Kreller Consulting
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